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Keep in touch with followers and build a list of subscribers by sending them the latest product and company updates through email. With well-designed mailers, you can convert over 60% of returning visitors to customers. At Dictum Media, we understand the need for clean, effective communications and leverage the power of the leading global mailer management platform – MailChimp – to design captivating newsletters. Don’t just build a customer base, build relationships.

Newsletter Design

Share the latest news and stand out from other mails in the inbox with captivating newsletter designs that grip your followers right from the subject line. Dictum Media’s newsletters are designed to showcase your products & services with videos, pictures and links, and draw visitors to your site and product pages to convert them. Regular campaigns and optimally placed Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons direct readers straight to your site, and the embedded social media links help them keep up with you on all the largest online platforms.

Mailer Tracking & Management

Capture email addresses and other customer details when they land on your site to update them directly about promotions & offers, and to build your customer base. At Dictum Media, we optimize newsletter patterns and designs so you can now track crucial stats like who opened your mails and who clicked through, and never again have an email land in the spam folder.

Some Awesome Newsletter Templates We Use

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