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Top Google's Rankings With Our Search Engine Optimization Strategy

For new customers looking for your brand, Google is the place to begin – and that’s why you want to rank at the top of the search engine results page (SERP). Getting on the front page of Google isn’t easy even if you’re the best at what you do (though it’ll go a long way in keeping you there!) and agencies will trap you with tempting offers for keyword-rankings and get-famous-quick schemes, but these are never effective. At Dictum Media, we use tried-and-tested white-hat SEO techniques to push your brand to the #1 rank and good ol’ sweat & toil to keep you there.

SEO Auditing

Improving search engine rankings requires a comprehensive optimization strategy including on-page, off-page, social media, HTML tags and backlinks among dozens of other components. At Dictum Media, we understand that it takes a long-term plan to get to the front page of Google, and then concerted effort to stay there. We analyse & audit your entire online presence to help you identify which elements to focus on so you can make it easy for potential customers to find your brand in the first search.

On-Page SEO & Schema Markup Optimization

Also known as on-site search engine optimization, on-page SEO means optimizing web pages to improve your brand’s search engine rankings and leveraging better content to earn organic traffic. Dictum Media’s experts help you to design & publish relevant, high-quality content that directs Google crawlers to rank you for the keywords that matter. We optimize your headlines and HTML tags like titles, metas, and headers, along with images to give you that boost against your competition.

Not only this, our SEO experts are skilled in the latest JSON-LD and Google-approved Schema markup structures, giving you an edge over other brands. Whether you’re a person, corporation, NGO, news media organization or simply a website, our team can massively boost your search engine presence with our industry-leading proprietary techniques. Aided by the right markups and Schema tools, we make sure you get all your framework right so you can sail to the front of SERPs.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is about everything that doesn’t happen directly on your website, like social media, local SEO and backlinks through link building. Dictum Media’s SEO experts couple off-page and on-page SEO strategies to work in tandem for the best results. Search engines value not just the content on your website, and our cutting-edge techniques approved by Google will exponentially improve your shot at ranking at the top of SERPs.

Page Speed Optimization & Insights

About 10 percent of visitors to your website will leave for every second it takes to load longer than 3 seconds. Google and other search engines know this so they love web pages optimized for speed and rank them higher. Page load times are usually weighed down by code and design elements which may sometimes be essential to the user interface & experience. That’s why our team focuses on eliminating the clutter while retaining your original UI & UX, so your website loads quicker and your brand grows faster.

Content Optimization & Strategy

The secret to excellent SEO is well-written, relevant and unique content. Google’s crawlers love stumbling upon new pages and posts every time they visit your website. Content is king – in fact, that’s why news sites do so well and brands with blogs consistently rank at the top. At Dictum Media, we help you optimize the content already on your site and design strategies to publish relevant, top-quality content regularly. Combined with our blog design capabilities and digital marketing services, your brand can secure a position at the top of the results for keywords that are important to you.

Audit & Optimize Your Website

Improve your on-page & off-page SEO to rank for vital keywords and sail your brand to the front page of Google search results.

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