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Leverage the power of social media platforms to promote your brand on a global stage. Create viral campaigns and reach out to new audiences on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & YouTube to showcase your products. At Dictum Media, we create engaging social media marketing campaigns to earn you a loyal following and help you engage with customers & clients regularly, all while driving your search engine optimization to rank you on the front page of Google.

Social Media Audit

When you want to put your best foot forward and rank on the front page of Google, social media management & marketing play a crucial role in brand perception. Not only does Google’s SEO meter give substantial weight to social media factors like follower count, content and engagement – so do potential customers. Dictum Media’s SMO experts audit & optimize your entire online presence to help you streamline communications and guide  customers to what you want them to see.

Social Media Optimization

Readers and subscribers love new content, and so does Google – so right from your profile picture to your Call-to-Action, every pixel of the social page is a message your brand sends to followers. Optimize your online presence and social media to communicate with consistency and put to use all the tools at your disposal in an optimal way with our proven techniques. Make sure you’re reaching the right audience, otherwise you may just be talking into the void of the internet.

Organic & Promotional Growth

Inviting clients, friends, family and the rest of your network is the first and best step you can take to grow your brand’s reach – but this organic following can limit you to only those who would know about your brand anyway. At Dictum Media, we put to use the powerful audience targeting and promotional tools of social media giants like Facebook & LinkedIn to flaunt your products & services to the exact people you want to reach. Grow 10x, direct people to your website and convert more customers with expert guidance and marketing.


To learn more about promotional campaigns via electronic direct mail (EDM) marketing, visit our page on newsletters.

Newsletters & Mailers

Startups & MSMEs

Whether you’re just starting out alone on your entrepreneurial journey or you’ve already set up a compact team of experts for your million-dollar-idea, every brand needs a communications strategy and social media outreach to boost it’s image. At Dictum Media, we understand the needs of micro, small & medium enterprises and we appreciate that a small group of determined people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. That’s why our experts tailor-make social media marketing campaigns & strategies for your brand to fit your business requirements.

Big Biz & MNCs

Big businesses have a lot of moving parts and often come bundled with large audiences and keeping in touch with every customer and informing clients about the latest updates to your products & services have become easier in the online world. Dictum Media’s team of SM experts help your in-house teams optimize their social media management & marketing through social audits and design custom campaigns to make sure no customer is left behind. Squeeze all that extra juice out of powerful social media platforms to keep your company growing in the online world.

Celebrity, Politicians & Personals

Brand building is all about communication, and the first place your followers will look to connect with your personal brand is over social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are the top global social media sites and that’s why everyone – from entrepreneurs to politicians, artists to scientists – will work hard to keep fans and followers engaged on social media. Along with YouTube, social media platforms are the best place to go viral and build a community, and have an unbeatable track record with every brand looking to make it big.

Whether you’re a national hero or a local musician, streamlining your brand communications will allow you to broaden your reach and engagement with old subscribers while adding new followers and keeping the community informed. At Dictum Media, we understand that personal branding needs are unique and different from businesses in many ways, and we work to give you customized solutions so your celebrity profile is represented the way you want.

Events & Campaigns

The success of any event lies in engagement and community participation, and social media sites provide just that – a globally accessible platform for attendees & followers to interact directly with your brand and one another to build the community. Run campaigns to the shores of success and keep fans & subscribers engaged by broadcasting updates and information directly over the world’s largest platforms. If you’re looking to promote your concert, conference, festival or gathering directly to attendees, then look no further than social media sites.

Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn are the world’s top places to showcase your brand and campaign directly to the people you want. Attract new audiences, promote your brand, sell tickets and raise sponsorship for your event or campaign directly through the largest social sites and powerful advertising tools. Coupled with Dictum Media’s tried & tested digital marketing techniques, build up to your event and maximize your potential conversions by directing audiences to your website and ranking at the top of search engine pages through white-hat SEO.

Go Viral, Get Famous

Whether you’re a startup or MNC, a politician or entrepreneur, it’s time to build a community and engage your followers.

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